3 Staging Mistakes You Don't Want to Make

Staging can be a great way to enhance your space and make it sparkle during showings, photoshoots or open houses. That being said, there is a right way to stage a home and a wrong way. Here are some classic mistakes that both DIY stagers and professionals sometimes make:

Going Beige and Boring
Many people will tell you that neutral colours appeal to the largest sector of people and that these shades make spaces look larger. While these are both somewhat true, it doesn’t mean everything has to get painted beige and sleepy! There are plenty of other neutrals you can use, and a small feature wall can really show off a space effectively too.

Moving Your Furniture to the Perimeter
Many people think that pushing your furniture against the walls of a room will make a space look larger. If this is done incorrectly, however, it can actually make a room look much less functional that it is. If the space calls for it, you can float a couch or a table and chairs in the middle of a room. Focus more on furniture placement that shows off the function of your space and how it flows.

Packing Your Closets to the Brim
You might think that decluttering before an open house just means stuffing things in your closets, but people peek in closets too! Cramming your closets makes them look small and inefficient. If you find you have extra belongings or furniture and want them out of site during a showing, consider renting a storage locker.

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