4 Major Challenges of Selling Your Home Without a Pro

When it comes to selling a home, some folks believe they can do it on their own. Whether they’re trying to save money or simply want greater control over the process, these homeowners try to sell their homes without the help of a real estate agent; however, they often experience more stress than those who hire a professional.

Here are four common challenges people face when they try to sell their home on their own:

Getting the Right Price
Many homeowners who choose to sell their home without a real estate agent struggle with setting the price for their home and getting the most for their house. Because of their feelings and emotional attachment to the house, they’re unable to price their home objectively, often valuing it for more than it’s worth. When the price is too high, fewer buyers will be interested and the sale will take much longer.

Understanding and Performing Paperwork
Selling a home requires more paperwork than most homeowners think. If they’ve never sold a home before, some of it can be difficult to understand and complete. A real estate agent has the training to comprehend all the legalese and explain it to you. Plus, they can remove this unnecessary stressor from the selling process.

Selling Within the Planned Length of Time
Many homeowners underestimate how long the selling process actually takes. Between getting your home ready for sale, showing potential buyers and the closing process, selling a house takes much longer than most people think. Homeowners may, in turn, set unreasonable deadlines for themselves and inevitably fall short.

Preparing and Fixing a Home for Sale
Before homeowners can even list their house, they’ll need to make repairs and stage their home. This is an essential step that most homeowners overlook when selling on their own. Potential buyers judge the house by the photos posted with the listing, and if the photos don’t show a clean and beautiful home, they’ll keep on scrolling.

There are so many more obstacles that come with selling your home if you choose to do it on your own. Make selling your house easier and stress-free by working with a real estate agent.

Source: Meghan Belnap/RISMedia’s Housecall

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