5 Annual Flowers to Plant in Your Garden This Spring

Looking to spice up your garden this spring? Below are a handful of colorful annual blooms to brighten any flower bed.

Cornflowers, also known as Bachelor’s Buttons, are a long stemmed blue flower sure to add a color pop to your bed. They bloom through summer, so sprinkle them throughout your plantings for a full season of stunning color.

Begonias bloom in fierce reds and pretty pinks from May through October. Add a bed or pot by the front door for fiery petals until fall.

Pansies are whimsical, multi-colored blossoms that thrive in partial shade. Most die out by the summer’s end but a few varieties will hold strong until fall.

Snapdragons are as hearty as they are vibrant, with lovely orange to red colorings and tall stems. You can sow snapdragon seeds in early spring, fall or even winter!

Marigolds do best in full sun, and their cheery bright full bloom is also known to keep pests away, so you may want to line your garden beds with them.

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