6 Smart Tips for Decluttering Your Home

Maybe you’re moving and want to properly stage your home. Or perhaps you just want to enjoy your home more, with less “stuff” interfering with your décor. In any case, decluttering your house or apartment can create a more peaceful, aesthetically pleasing environment that everyone who enters your home will appreciate. Here are some easy tips to help you get started:

Set Goals/Make a Plan
The first step is making a list of the areas in your home—problem zones—that need your attention. Plan a day to tackle each area (or two, if it’s particularly troublesome). Setting aside an hour every morning before your day gets going (or one morning a week, depending on your schedule) can help. 

Look for Things That Give You Joy or Efficiency
For each item, consider the last time you used it, how useful it is and whether you enjoy using it. If the answer to these three questions is “over a year ago” or “no,” toss or donate it.

Invest in Attractive Storage
From a new hamper to shelving, spending a bit of money on organizing tools that double as décor can help your home feel less cluttered and help you keep it that way. 

Pare Down Collections
Some items have sentimental value—childhood collections like dolls or trophies are common dust gatherers and waste space. Choose 2 or 3 to keep and you won’t agonize over the decision or lose valuable shelf or storage space. 

Check All Expiration Dates
Double check the dates on food, spices and medicine. Prescription meds can be turned into most police stations for proper disposal. 

Start Small and Slow
If you’re someone who has hoarding tendencies (no judgement here!), acknowledge it and don’t give yourself anxiety by bringing half your wardrobe to charity or throwing out half of your childhood mementos all at once. Take one box at a time and you’ll stay the course without giving yourself additional stress. 

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