8 Mistakes That Could Hurt Your Home's Value

Maintaining your home’s curb appeal shows more than pride of ownership; it shows respect for your neighbors. Plus, when or if you decide to sell, a well-maintained home means it will sell faster and likely for top dollar. Similarly, maintaining your home’s interior is likely to pay off in the end.

Real estate experts shared these eight missteps that could cost you in the long run with House Beautiful Magazine:

Landscaping Without Thinking Ahead. Trees planted too close to the house or driveway without much thought about how big they’ll get can cause major problems later, such as roots causing breaks in the pavement or interfering with sewer or water lines.

Letting the Entryway Languish. Unkempt shrubbery around the front entry, or a door that needs updating, makes people wonder what else has been let go inside.

Choosing Funky Paint Colors. Don’t choose an exterior paint color that is too far afield of neighboring homes. And stay away from contrasting trim colors that distract, instead of attract, the eye.

Neglecting the Small Stuff. Watch out for dirty windows, torn screens or broken light fixtures that show a distinct lack of care.

Hanging on to Old Appliances. Pay attention to the age and quality of your kitchen appliances. A stovetop too old and scratched to be cleaned properly is a turnoff. Also, appliances that aren’t energy-savers are costing too much money to run.

Skipping a Deep Clean. Details matter when it comes to home care. Look out for dirt in the window tracks, dirty grout in the tile or badly stained carpets.

Thinking Too Small. A small bathroom will seem smaller when tiled with small tiles rather than with larger ones. Peruse decor magazines for ideas that help to open your space.

Neglecting Wood Floors. If you can’t afford to refinish them, have them buffed every few years.

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