Budget-Friendly Bathroom Upgrades

Bathrooms, though some of the smallest rooms in a home, can require the most work when it comes to upgrades. If your budget just isn’t ready to take on a remodel, taking the DIY path can be the best choice…and the most fun! With a quick trip to your local hardware store and the will to get creative, these budget-friendly projects can spruce up your bathroom:

Frame Your Mirror
No matter the size, a bathroom mirror is an essential piece that all eyes are naturally drawn to. Give the room a finished look by framing the mirror. Most hardware stores will cut wood to size and offer tips for staining or painting, so you can construct the perfect frame for the look you’re going for. Alternatively, you can purchase a frame that fits your mirror and intended style. 

Install Wall Hooks
Instead of the old dorm-style over-the-door hooks, add sophisticated functionality to your bathroom by installing beautiful wall hooks to hang your bathrobes and towels. Get creative with placement to create an artistic flair. Search online and in local craft and hobby stores to find unique hooks that you can mix and match for an added touch of style. 

Paint the Vanity Cabinets
With a single can of paint, you can completely change the look of your bathroom. Choose a light color, like blue or yellow, to brighten up a tiny room and make it feel more spacious. Or, go for a deeper color, like a charcoal gray, to create a more luxurious tone. Paint or swap out hardware as a stylish finishing touch. 

Add More Storage Space:
For especially small bathrooms, space for storage can be limited. Adding shelves or cabinets at eye level keeps foot space free and can be done in many ways to accent the ambiance of the space. For example, a ladder shelf or floating shelves can be placed over a toilet, where wall space is rarely used. Or you can go big and install a few cabinets, giving you a hidden place to hide your towels, toilet paper and many other items you may not want on display.

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