Camden County Market Trends Report - September 2017

In September, Camden County home sales were up 15.9% compared to September 2016 but prices were down 3.1%. Foreclosure sales were 14% higher than a year ago and were 21% of all sales.

Residential activity in Camden County (Single-family and Condo)


The number of homes available for sale in Camden county decreased by 2.0% in September and is now 18.3% lower than a year ago. The Months Supply of Inventory has dropped from 7.1 months a year ago to 5.1 months due to the increase in sales over the past year and lower inventory.

Settled Listings

September sales were 15.9% above last September and are 18.9% higher YTD. Foreclosure sales increased by 14% this month compared to last September and comprised 21% of all sales. Nonforeclosure sales increased by 15.8% in September and the Property Marketing Period was down from 60 days last year to 37 days this year.

Median Price

The median sold price was down 3.1% compared to last September and is the same as 2016 YTD. The median sold price of non-foreclosure sales in Camden county in September was $170,000 down 5.0% from September 2016.

Settled Price / Original Price

The sold price to original list price ratio in September at 95.5% was above the normal range of 92-94%. In September, properties in Camden sold for 97.8% of the current list price compared to 98.0% last September.

Average Showing Appointments Per Listing by Price Range

Appointments were down 15% compared to last month and up 5% from last September with the largest increases in the $100,000-$199,999 price range.

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