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Buying or Selling a Selling Home

Simple Tricks to Keep Your Closet Organized

Clothes, shoes, belts, bags. Are these items taking over your closet? Get organized without the hassle of an overhaul or the cost of hiring a professional. These simple tricks will help keep your closet clean and keep you stress-free each and every time you get dressed. 

Use the Back of the Door
More often than not, the closet door is nothing more than the entry to your wardrobe. By maximizing this vertical space, you can easily organize your accessories. Attach hooks, decorative knobs, towel bars, a cork board and even a mirror. This organizational hack will make it easier to mix and match jewelry, belts and other accessories to your favorite outfits in no time. 


3 Ways to Keep Your Home Mold-Free

In addition to being unsightly, mold in your home can create numerous health problems, from breathing issues to skin irritations, fevers and more. Below are some tips for keeping your home mold-free.

Treat topically. Homeowners often have their own mold-murdering solution they prefer. Whether you prefer vinegar, hydrogen peroxide or bleach, clean surfaces monthly to keep mold growth under control. Make sure you research your topical solutions before applying them – bleach to a painted wall can discolor it.

Add ventilation. In addition to removing mold when it pops up, adding ventilation to an under-ventilated space can be key in keeping mold at bay. Your bathroom and basement are prime mold spots, so decide whether or not you should add an extra window...

How to Create a Functional Laundry Room

A laundry room is one of the most frequently used areas in a home. Whether you live alone or house a family of five, this space can easily get out of control and become cluttered and messy, making it harder to maneuver baskets, mixing clean and dirty clothes and impairing overall productivity. 

By following these steps, your laundry room can become a more functional space where you can clean, fold, organize and truly enjoy your clothes: 

Maximize Storage Space
Whether the room is large or small, adding a shelf, cabinet, drawers or an entire organization system is a great start to improving functionality. Use this space to safely store detergent and other cleaning chemicals, as well as dryer sheets, irons and other tools so you can keep the...

Home Maintenance Tips for New Homeowners

A home is the biggest single purchase most people will make. Matt Blashaw, a licensed contractor and host of the DIY network show, “Money Hunters,” offers six tips for planning and performing routine maintenance that can save dollars as well as future headaches:

  • Save on tools – Unless it’s a tool you will use often, check local yard sales for good used tools at good prices. If it’s a tool you may use only once for a specific project, consider renting it.
  • Save leftovers – With most home-improvement projects, there are leftover screws, bolts, and other pieces of hardware left over. Storing them in plastic organizers (as opposed to dumping them in a drawer) can save you from having to buy a bag of a certain size screw when you need only one or two.
  • Save on paint –...

How to Save for Property Taxes

A property tax bill is easy enough to get. Local governments typically assess property tax and send homeowners a bill in the mail. Paying the tax, and saving for it, are the hard parts.

The amount of the tax is largely based on where the property is and how much it’s worth. They can easily be thousands of dollars and can usually be paid in two installments over one year. 

There are a few ways to save for the average property tax bill in the U.S. One of the easiest is to spread the payment out over 12 months with your monthly mortgage payment. This is called an escrow account, where the money is held and automatically paid to your tax collector. Homeowners insurance payments can also be paid into an escrow account, and by paying both bills on time, you’ll...

Why Your Mortgage Servicer Might Change

Many homeowners are surprised to receive a letter stating that their mortgage servicer has changed. Financial institutions that issue mortgages are permitted to sell loans or to transfer the rights to service mortgages to other financial institutions without borrowers’ consent. That doesn’t mean the homeowner has done anything wrong or that there is anything to worry about. 

How and Why Mortgages Change Hands
A mortgage originator works with borrowers to set up a mortgage, while a mortgage servicer takes care of administrative tasks, such as collecting payments and handling escrow accounts. Many mortgage originators don’t service loans. In those instances, after a borrower has obtained a mortgage, it’s quickly sold to...

Reasons to Get a Home Energy Audit

For many homeowners, utility bills are much higher than they should be due to wasted energy caused by drafts and inefficient appliances. If you spend more for heat and electricity than your neighbors do, or if your bills skyrocket at one time of the year and you aren’t sure why, a home energy audit can help you identify the reasons and make changes to reduce your energy usage.

What Will Happen in a Home Energy Audit?
A home energy auditor will conduct a room-by-room inspection to find out where your house is losing energy. Depending on the size of your home and the scope of the audit, this may take anywhere from 30 minutes to several hours.

The auditor will check the outside of the house for damage, holes, and gaps in and around the windows, walls, and roof that could be causing air leakage....

8 Tips for Moving During the Holidays

Moving at any time of the year is stressful. But moving during the holiday season when you’re also juggling entertaining, decorating and gift-giving can raise that stress to new levels. Balancing the needs of packing up your home and family with the often frenetic pace of the holiday season can be a recipe for stress overload.

Here’s some great advice from JK Moving Services to help make moving during the holidays easier and less stressful:   

  1. Rethink gifting: Instead of packing up all your holiday decorations, consider giving some away. Pass select pieces on to family members and friends, and donate bulky items, like lights and garlands, to local schools, community centers or homeless shelters. Next season,...