Critter Prevention Tips for Your Home

You love your cozy home when cold storms hit, and–unfortunately–you may not be the only one who enjoys the warmth and shelter your home provides. If you are looking to keep your home in tip-top shape, and you want to prevent against unwanted roommates, there are a few critter prevention tips you can implement.

Caulk Problem Areas

If you have small cracks or holes that make an inviting door for creepy crawlies, now is the time to seal up these problem areas. Use caulking to address small holes. This will not only keep unwanted critters out of your home but will even serve to keep your home warmer and your heating bill down. Talk about a win-win situation!

Do an External Check

When cold weather hits, critters will happily seek shelter in an accessible basement or attic. Discourage creatures from nesting in your home by performing an exterior inspection to seek refuge in the warm shelter of an accessible basement or attic. Look for any openings or points of entry through which a small animal could crawl. 

Seal Up Holes

The Humane Society offers the following recommendations to safely animal proof your home. After you have caulked any small holes, staple or screw hardware cloth over larger holes, or make permanent repairs. Keep in mind that bug screen (1/4 inch hardware cloth) will not hold up to stronger animals, such as raccoons. A 16-gauge 1×1-inch steel mesh is recommended for raccoons. If your property concerns involve squirrels, solid aluminum flashing is the exclusion material of choice.

Keeping critters out of your home can prevent unnecessary damage to your insulation or other areas of your home. Make certain that every time the cold weather sets in, that you protect your property by addressing these areas.

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