Expert Insights: What Questions Should I Ask an Agent When Selling My Home?

Interview at least three local agents who sell homes in your community. Ask them about the following:

  • The worth of your home – The agents should inspect the home and prepare a written comparative market analysis.
  • Marketing plans – These are a must. Make sure they include the local Multiple Listing Service (MLS)—which gives your home maximum exposure to all local agents—and internet marketing through the agents’ websites and other online forums.
  • Length of the listing agreement – There are circumstances that are entirely market-specific for which a longer listing period will be appropriate. Ask the agents what is the best length of agreement for you.
  • Number of listings – Find out how many listings the agents now have and how many they normally sell. Too many listings—more than a dozen—with a low sales rate may not be a good sign.
  • Get references – Ask for the names and phone numbers of recent home sellers. Call them and ask if they were satisfied with the level of service delivered by the agents.

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