How to Pick Your Patio Material

A patio is a wonderful addition to your home, offering al fresco space to connect with family and friends during the warmer season. But choosing the right outdoor flooring for your patio is important. Below are a few of the most popular choices.

TileUnglazed, ceramic tiles are a wonderful option for your new patio. The most popular varieties are quarry, terracotta or porcelain. Skip glazed tile, however—while it looks sleek, it’s dangerously slippery when wet.

Cut stone. Also known as stone tile, these include a wide swatch of options, including marble, granite, slate, limestone, travertine, blue stone, phyllite and sandstone.

ConcreteThis is a great, versatile and sturdy option. Before you imagine an ugly slab of poured concrete, remember it can be molded into any shape. Create attractive patterned tiles, or opt for stunning stained concrete.

FlagstoneThese gorgeous stones offer an iconic, rustic look, and are identifiable by their irregular shape.

BrickThis sturdy flooring option can be used to create interesting patterns, and comes in many colors and styles.

Pavers. Like brick, pavers are sturdy and versatile. They can be made to look like brick or cobblestones, and interlocking pavers have a unique puzzle-like effect.

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