How to Tell If a Yard Is Big Enough for Your Family

If you’re house-hunting and you have or plan to start a family, you’ll most likely want a house with a yard to give your kids a place to run and play, and give your pets enough space to exercise. A backyard can also be a great location for family dinners, parties, barbecues and a garden.

In your search for a new home, you might find a spacious house that seems ideal for your family but has a small yard, or you might find a smaller house with a huge backyard. You’ll then need to decide how much outdoor space is right for your family. There’s no one-size-fits-all answer. 

Things to Consider
How much yard space you need depends in large part on how many children you have and their interests. If your kids like to spend a lot of time running around, or if they’re couch potatoes and you’d like them to get more exercise and fresh air, it makes sense to look for a spacious yard. If you have a small family, or if your kids participate in athletic activities somewhere else on a regular basis and then like to come home and relax indoors, a big yard may be less important.

If you have a dog, a large yard could make your life easier. Instead of taking your dog for a walk around the neighborhood several times a day, you could simply open the door and let him/her out into the yard. Your dog would get plenty of exercise and you could get things done indoors while knowing that your dog is safe and happy.

If you enjoy gardening, a large yard is a necessity. You want to make sure you’re able to set aside enough space to grow what you want, while still giving your kids and pets room to play.

If you live in an area that has warm weather for most of the year and your family enjoys eating outdoors, choose a house with a yard that has enough room for a table and chairs. If you want to host larger gatherings for family and friends, think about how many people you would invite, and look for a yard that would give you plenty of space.

Think It Over
Choosing the right house and yard is a personal decision. Think about the size of your family, what types of activities you enjoy and how your needs might change in the future. Talk it over and decide how much yard space is right for you.

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