Is It Better to Move on a Weekend or a Weekday?

Moving is a massive undertaking that many people dread. The day of the week you choose can have a significant effect on your overall experience. If you have some flexibility, consider the pros and cons of moving on a weekend vs. a weekday.

Many families choose to spend the weekend moving because it’s often impossible for parents to take time off during the week without losing money or falling behind on important projects. Since most people move on a weekend, moving companies tend to fill up their schedules quickly and charge higher rates. If you need to move on a weekend, call around to compare prices and book a moving van as far in advance as possible. If you move during the week and save money on the cost of the moving van and workers, you can use the money you save to pay them to help you pack.

If you move on a weekend and need to be back at work on Monday, you won’t have much time to unpack. Maximize the amount of time you have available to move by asking family members or friends to help, or make the process even more seamless by labeling the boxes with essentials so that you can unpack them first and gradually deal with the rest. If you can take a day off from work, you can move on a Friday and unpack over the weekend, or move on a Saturday and unpack on Sunday and Monday.

If you have children, moving on a weekend can be beneficial, especially if they’ll be changing schools. They can complete the week at their old school, say goodbye to their friends and teachers, settle into the new house over the weekend, and start at their new school at the beginning of the week.

Having kids around during a move can also be stressful. They might be overwhelmed and need to be comforted, or they might be excited and want to run around and unpack boxes, which could make it harder for the movers to do their job. If possible, have your kids stay with a family member or friend until things have gotten somewhat settled.

If the area where you plan to move tends to have heavy rush hour traffic, moving could be quicker on the weekend. If your new home is in or near a place that attracts large numbers of visitors on the weekend, moving during the week might make more sense.

Which Moving Day Would Be Best for Your Family?
When you decide to move will depend on a number of factors. If your only option is to move on a weekend, make the arrangements as early as possible and be prepared to pay more. If you have some flexibility, consider your personal circumstances and choose the day that would work best for your family and for anyone helping you.

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