Make Moving Easier With a Checklist

Moving is a double-edged sword. On one hand, there’s the excitement of moving into a new home (maybe your dream home!), but the logistical hassles sometimes make it hard to get too excited about the whole thing. One thing that’s always helpful? A checklist. Here’s what to include:

Book your movers in advance
For certain times of the month, movers get booked up fast. Book sooner rather than later, as this gives you time to get organized, as well as ample time to compare rates and services. If you live in a condo (or are moving into one), don’t forget to book your elevator, as well.

Throw away what you don’t need
Before you start packing, make sure you declutter. This is helpful if you’re downsizing, but also a great way for anyone wanting to make sure they’re only packing what’s necessary. Go through your belongings and decide what’s absolutely essential and what you want to donate or throw out.

Get it packed
Organize your boxes by room and make sure to label them. Your tired self tasked with unpacking will thank you later! Make sure you have plenty of packaging or bubble wrap on hand for fragile items and more boxes than you think you’ll need. You can always return them or use them later, but running out for more boxes in the middle of a packing session is a major annoyance.

Transfer accounts and change addresses
If you’re changing or closing utility accounts, make sure to do that in advance. The same goes for address changes, especially with your financial institutions and government organizations. If you plan to book things like cable installation at your new home, ensure you book those in advance, as well.

Create a must-have box
There are still things you’ll need to access on moving day. These include packing supplies, toilet paper, all-purpose cleaner, a phone charger and maybe some snacks. Make sure your must-have box is clearly labelled and easy to access.

Think about moving as a series of tasks on the way to a prize: your new home. Breaking the process down into steps makes it much more manageable, and when you’re done, you’ll thank your prior self for being so organized.

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