New Home? Prep the Bathroom First

On moving day, when you arrive at your new home, there’s an excellent chance that someone in your family is going to need to use the bathroom immediately. And when that happens, you’re not going to want to dig through dozens of boxes to find the essentials people need.

Bathrooms are one of the busiest rooms in any home, so it makes sense to start getting it ready right away. Especially because when moving day ends, you’re just going to want to wash up and rest. .

Here’s how to get your new bathroom ready right away.

Pack Smart
Pack towels, washcloths, a bathmat, soaps, shampoos, toothpaste and toothbrushes in a separate, labeled box or container. Moving marks a good time to buy new toothbrushes for everyone in the family. And of course, don’t forget the toilet paper. Pack this box in your car so that you don’t have to wait for movers. 

Test Everything
Shortly after arriving at your new home, head to the shower or bathroom sink and turn on the water to make sure the hot water is running. Don’t forget to flush the toilet to ensure it’s working properly as well. Do this for all the bathrooms in the home. If the hot water isn’t flowing, check your hot water heater; you may need to relight its pilot light.

Clean It
Be sure to bring along cleaning supplies for the bathroom and scrub the tub and shower, sink, toilet and floors. Check cabinets, drawers and other spaces to make sure they are empty and clean. Another good idea is to buy a new shower curtain and liner. Freshen up the air by opening a window, spraying air freshener or lighting a scented candle.

Check for Safety
As you clean, keep an eye out for potentially dangerous items, such as razors and scissors. Throw away anything you come across. Also, be sure that the floor isn’t wet so that people don’t slip.

Then, when your busy and the tiring day of packing is over, you can relax with a hot shower or bath and rest easy.

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