Quick DIY Upgrades That Can Boost Your Home’s Value

Whether you’re getting ready to sell your home, or you simply want it to look its best, check out these quick, inexpensive, and often do-it-yourself upgrades that personal finance editors at Bankrate.com suggest will do the job without putting you in the poorhouse:

Start with curb appeal. It provides the first impression of your home. Keep the lawns mowed, the shrubbery trimmed and the walkway clear. Adding potted plants to the front porch and/or putting in a weekend to add a colorful flower bed can be well worth the cost in curb appeal.

Spiff up the entry. If you can’t afford a new front door, put a fresh coat of paint on the existing one. Add a handsome, substantial-looking handle and lock set, because a nice, big piece of hardware on your front door adds a look of solidity to any home.

Make your kitchen cook. For a few hundred dollars, you can replace the kitchen faucet set, add new cabinet door handles and update old lighting fixtures with brighter, more energy-efficient ones. If the budget can handle it, think about replacing or re-facing old cabinet doors, or giving the old ones a coat of paint.

Give appliances a facelift. If your appliances don’t match, check with the manufacturers. You may be able to order and easily install new face panels.

Buff up the bath. Simple things like a new toilet seat or a pedestal sink can make a big difference. A bathtub renewal or re-grouting doesn’t cost much, and DIY floor replacement is a snap today with easy-to-apply vinyl tiles.

Look underfoot. Professional carpet cleaning is a good investment, but think about replacing your worn carpeting or adding area rugs to update the look. Or, if the budget will allow, consider replacing that old carpeting with wood or look-alike flooring.

Let in the light. Take advantage of natural light by opening or removing heavy draperies. Replace outdated light fixtures with attractive new ones, perhaps one with fan blades in the kitchen.

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