Repurposing an Empty Room After Your Child Moves Out

When you bought your house, you chose it because it had enough bedrooms for the children you had at the time—or those you planned to have. If your kids have started to move out, you may be wondering what to do with the extra space. You have several options that can make your home more functional and/or relaxing.

Practical Uses for an Extra Room
You can convert a child’s old room to a guest bedroom. If your child is not likely to stay in the room in the future, feel free to redecorate the room however you want. If they’re coming home periodically, such as during college breaks or over the holidays, you might want to keep some things as they were.

If you work from home, either part-time or full-time, having a dedicated space to use as a home office can help you be more productive. You can set up a desk, computer and any other equipment you need instead of competing for space with other members of the family in shared rooms. Having your own home office can also help you escape noise and distractions to better focus.

If you want to get in shape, converting your child’s old room into a home gym makes a lot of sense. You will be more inclined to exercise if you can do it in your house, rather than having to drive to a gym, and you won’t need to pay monthly membership fees.

Ways to Make Your Home More Fun and Relaxing
You can convert a spare room into an entertainment room. A flat screen TV, a stereo system, video games, a ping pong table and other games can turn the room into a fun place for you and guests to relax.

An older sibling’s room can be converted into a playroom for the younger children, or for grandchildren when they come to visit. You can put all the kids’ favorite toys in one room where they can entertain themselves for hours. Having a room specifically designed as a playroom can help you keep toys and games confined to one area, making it easier to keep other rooms clean.

An empty room, particularly one located in a quiet corner of the house, is an ideal place for relaxation. It can be used for reading, writing, creating art or whatever you do to unwind. Just put in some comfortable furniture and take a break from all the stresses of everyday life.

Think of All the Possibilities
After your children begin to move out, you may feel a sense of loss when you look at their empty bedrooms. Instead, consider this an opportunity to rethink the way you use your house and make some changes to create a more functional and comfortable home for the family members who still live there. Talk to the rest of your family about the best way to use your newly available space.

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