Selling After Dark Doesn’t Have to Be Scary

Most potential buyers visit homes during the day, but there may be occasions when people want to see your home later in the day, at dusk or even after dark.

This is likely to happen during the winter season when the sun goes down earlier, and people visiting multiple homes in a day are running late.

Opening your home to buyers at night can be advantageous. Some sellers won’t be available, cutting down on competition. And if buyers spent a long day looking at homes, and yours is the last one of the day, yours will be the easiest to remember. Another advantage is that neighborhoods tend to be quieter at night.

Being prepared for nighttime visitors can only help. Here are some tips to set the perfect mood for after-dark visitors:

Keep things clean. If you’re in the middle of dinner, and there are a lot of dirty dishes and pots in the kitchen, that’s not a good time for visitors. But if your home is clean, or you have time to spruce up bathrooms, the kitchen, play rooms, etc., then open your doors to visitors after sundown.

Set the mood with lighting. Show visitors your home in the best light possible. Vary your lighting in rooms, with bright lighting in play rooms and dimmer lighting in the living room to create a peaceful scene.

Offer food. Visitors coming at night might be hungry if they’ve been looking at houses all day. Offer small snacks to put people in a good mood—but take allergies into account. Or make a pot of coffee and offer dessert. It will make them feel welcome and give a hint of what the home can be like when entertaining.

Create a warm environment. If it’s winter, guests may be cold. Set the thermostat a few extra degrees higher to make it nice and toasty. It will be most welcome on a cold day, and creates a good first impression. Light a fire if you have a fireplace to set a cozy scene.

Turn on outdoor lighting. A big downside to after-dark visits is that it’s not ideal for outdoor spaces. But putting out lights will give visitors some idea of what your yard and landscaping are like. Make sure leaves are raked away and that paths and walkways are clear of snow.

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