Trendy Decorating Ideas for Staging a Luxury Children’s Room

Staging a children’s room in a luxury home can seem like an oxy-moron. After all, kids are supposed to be messy and whimsical, both things that don’t usually appear in descriptions for luxury homes! Knowing how to show off both the function and features of all bedrooms, however, definitely gives your home an edge with Canadian luxury buyers. Try these tricks for showing off your children’s bedrooms in the best light:

Add a whimsical canopy in a luxurious fabric. Make buyers see just how charming their children’s next bedroom could be by suspending a simple draping canopy over the bed. Try silk or gauze for an airy and sophisticated feel.

Add some extraordinary toysA life-sized stuffed jungle animal or a mini ball pit lets buyers imagine their own wee ones’ adventures, while showing off space, especially in a larger bedroom. If you have room for it, consider installing a swing for a touch of whimsy!

Don’t fear large-scale art. Kids’ rooms can benefit from oversized art prints the way any room can. In fact, a mishmash of smaller pieces of art can make a room feel cramped. Try a pair of large animal drawings, a nature-inspired mural or some neutral wallpaper.

Show off all potential uses. Kids do more than just sleep in their rooms, after all. Consider adding a cozy reading nook or an arts and craft station to show off the versatility and size of the space.

Change things up with an extra bed. If you’re working with an oversized room, consider adding two twin beds with a dresser separating them. This can show off alternate functionality and may appeal to mature buyers who would use the room for grandchildren or a family who frequently hosts overnight guests for their children. The key with this setup is to still keep it streamlined and minimalist.

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