Turning Your Dining Room into a Restaurant

Do you love fine dining but don’t quite have the budget? Or perhaps you’re looking to jazz up date night or create a fun evening for friends. Below are five ways to turn your dining room into a restaurant.

Clear clutter. To start off on the right foot, clear clutter from your dining space. Stacks of mail, odds and ends, and articles of clothing are sure to throw off the vibe.

Table settings. Once the room is clear, put a clean cloth on the table and get to setting it with your best plates, glasses and silverware.

Accents. A carafe of chilled water, or even faux menus can amp up the evening. Add a small glass or vase with a single flower to toss in a bit of beauty.

Mood music. Create a playlist to go along with your meal. If you’re doing a themed meal, like French or Indian cuisine, choose music that matches the culture. No theme? Simple ambient tunes will do the trick, or peruse Spotify’s “Jazzy Dinner” theme.

Presentation. When it comes to creating your own fine dining experience, the menu doesn’t matter quite as much as the presentation. Have fun arranging food on plates in an appealing way, or serve everything up family style in large bowls.

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